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Not Interracial

Added 2008-11-24 Good Rating 52.5%

Lori Was Blake's Girlfriend For Almost A Year. She Loved It In The Back Door, And That's Why She Had A Black Dildo.

Anal Angela

Added 2008-11-24 Good Rating 50.7%

Angela Was A Pretty Girl When She Was Young, But Now She Has A Lot Of Cushion For The Pushin'. Fill That Hole!


Added 2008-11-22 Good Rating 52.5%

Our Submitter Bought This Camera At A Pawn Shop, And There Was A Memory Card In It. Jackpot!


Added 2008-11-22 Good Rating 52%

I'm Surprised That This Girl Has Such A Hairy Pussy. Usually A Cumslut Is Clean Shaven. Even Her Armpits Are Hairy!

Hippie Pussy

Added 2008-11-22 Good Rating 52.8%

2 Hippies Get It Done On A Cliffside. That Is A Little Too Risky For Me, But It Looks Like Fun. Thanks.


Added 2008-11-22 Good Rating 51.7%

These Fat Titties Turn To Tear Drops When She Is On All Fours. This Bbw Slut Has A Piercing That Disappears Into Her Fat Pussy!


Added 2008-11-21 Good Rating 54.2%

Joanna Was Getting Fucked At Least Twice A Month By Her Neighbor Jeff Syer For Years. What A Horny Little Minx.


Added 2008-11-21 Good Rating 54.2%

Smoking Hottie From Indiana Named Suzie Lake. She Is Gorgeous, And Newly Single. Andrew Let Her Go In October And Wants To Share.


Added 2008-11-21 Good Rating 51.4%

Here Are A Few Of The Pictures I Have Gotten From This Couple. They Love Adult Chat Forums, And They Belong To A Few Of Them.


Added 2008-11-21 Good Rating 51.4%

Closeups Of Breanna's Pussy Getting Stuffed By Her Exhusband's Cock. She Loved To Get Kinky, And He Misses The Sex.

Hot Italian

Added 2008-11-20 Good Rating 54.8%

Awesome Natural B Cups On This Italian Woman. She Is Really Put Together Correctly. I'd Love To Get Together With This One.


Added 2008-11-20 Good Rating 52.6%

Mature Blonde Lesbian Takes Advantage Of A Young Brunette While Her Ex Husband Take Pictures. Great Submission, Thanks.


Added 2008-11-20 Good Rating 52.9%

There Could Be Some More Pictures Coming Of Eva In Which She Will Be Dominating And Dominated. I Hope So.

Quarterback Keeper Blocked

Added 2008-11-19 Good Rating 54.3%

He Lived With Her In Arizona, And They Were Serious, But She Got Pregnant And Wanted To Keep It. He Didn't....end Of Story.


Added 2008-11-19 Good Rating 53.7%

She Says That Any Woman Who Says She Isn't Turned On By The Thought Of Guys Cumming In Their Mouths Is Lying.

Anal Whore

Added 2008-11-19 Good Rating 53%

This Is Always Hit Or Miss, But These Two Guys Found This Blonde On Craigslist. She Does Anal For $120 An Hour.

Tim's Ex

Added 2008-11-19 Good Rating 51.4%

Tim Dated Her Back In The Early 90s. They Worked Together, But Now She Works For The Competition.

Mature Pro

Added 2008-11-18 Good Rating 54.6%

She Wants To Be A Pro, And She Is A Hot Mature Woman. She Is Probably A Little Past It For Mainstream Films.


Added 2008-11-18 Good Rating 52.6%

It Is Rare That We Get A Submission From Two Mature Lesbians. I Think That Most Of Those Teen Lesbians Are For Show.

Big Lips

Added 2008-11-18 Good Rating 52%

Pretty Good Body On This Chick. I Think Her Name Is Glashan. Her Pussy Looks Good, Nice And Shaved With Big Lips.

Nice Milf

Added 2008-11-18 Good Rating 51.4%

She Gave Birth To Her First Earlier This Year, But She Elected To Have A C-section To Save Her Pussy. Good Call!

Northern Europe

Added 2008-11-17 Good Rating 53.5%

Pretty Nasty Stuff From This European Swinger. She Gets Around, And She Is Into Everything. Thanks.


Added 2008-11-17 Good Rating 53.4%

Brenda Turns 40 This Year, And She Could Use A Tan. Craig, You Should Take Her Away Some Place Hot With Nude Beaches.

Bahama Mamma

Added 2008-11-17 Good Rating 52.8%

These Were Taken On A Trip To The Bahamas. He Proposed To Her During The Vacation, But She Declined. Bad Decision.


Added 2008-11-17 Good Rating 50.2%

Once A Month, Julian Used To Meet Up With This Woman At The Same Hotel For A Little Fling. Nice Time Away From The Ball And Chain.

Big Girl

Added 2008-11-16 Good Rating 52.7%

Gerrett Blasted This Girls Big Ass All Night After She Warmed It Up For Him With Some Toys. Her Thighs Were All Bruised That Week.


Added 2008-11-16 Good Rating 52.3%

Some Sc Pics Of A Woman Who I Had Some Fun With In Panama. Turned Out She Had 2 Kids, And She Wanted Me To Take Them All To The US.


Added 2008-11-16 Good Rating 52%

Gorgeous Exwife From Maine. She Loved To Get Stuffed To Capacity. She Would Even Fist Herself Often. Thanks Will

Big Milf

Added 2008-11-16 Good Rating 50.7%

A Bigger Milf, Gets Her Holes Filled By A Toy, And Her Man's Small Cock. Beggars Can't Be Choosers I Guess.

Blonde Cowgirl

Added 2008-11-15 Good Rating 52.9%

This Babe Is A Bombshell! She Lives In Louisiana, And She Is Packing Heat! Nice Catch Bill, Hang On To That One.


Added 2008-11-15 Good Rating 52.6%

I'd Say That This Woman Is Mediocre At Best. I've Had Sex With Girls A Lot Worse Than This On The Railway, But I Never Took Pictures.


Added 2008-11-15 Good Rating 51.7%

Nice And Hairy Pussy On This Milf. She Has Really Taken Care Of Herself, Still Looking Great Lauren.


Added 2008-11-15 Good Rating 52%

Patti Let Her Fiancee Take Some Pictures Of Her Nude In Their New House. She Gets Off To The Idea Of Men Watching Her.

Hot Facial Girl

Added 2008-11-14 Good Rating 52.5%

Those Thighs Look Like They Are A Little Distressed, But This Woman Is Hot. I Love The Money Shot Pic. Thanks Bruce.


Added 2008-11-14 Good Rating 52.2%

Hairy Pussy Lovers Only! Look At This Mess, Would You Like To Bury Your Nose In This Gap??

Hot Wife

Added 2008-11-14 Good Rating 50.8%

Allister Has Been Enjoying This Site For Years Now, And He Decided To Give Something Back. Your Wife Is Hot! Thanks.

French Babe

Added 2008-11-13 Good Rating 53.7%

Winnie Is An Englishman Who Has A Hot Young Mistress Across The Channel In France. Wow, Got To Love The French And Their Nudity.

Party GIrl

Added 2008-11-13 Good Rating 53.5%

Joe Went To Highschool In Michigan With This Girl. She Parties Too Much, And He Got To Fuck Her For $180 Worth Of Booze.

Hotel Gangbang

Added 2008-11-13 Good Rating 52.9%

Pretty Good Ratio Of Big Breasted Women To Men At This Swinger Gathering. I Will Show Up To The Next One.

Object Insertion

Added 2008-11-13 Good Rating 51.8%

This Gorgeous Spanish Woman Has No Control Over What She Stuffs In Her Holes. We Get Some Nice Object Insertion Pics. Thx!

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