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Added 2008-07-29 Good Rating 50%

Dated Jacklyn For A While, And Had Some Great Times With Her. James Regrets Ever Letting Go Of This One, And I Can See Why.


Added 2008-07-28 Good Rating 54%

This Is What Women Are Doing When They Are "working Late". Louise Does A Little Filing With Her Biggest Dildo.

Vandy Party

Added 2008-07-28 Good Rating 51.6%

Vandy Got A Hooker To Come Over And Christen His New House On An Air Mattress. I Would Have Done It On That Mahogany Dresser.


Added 2008-07-28 Good Rating 53.5%

I Don't Really Like A Fake Tan On A Woman's Ass, But It Does Add A Little Texture. Look How Accentuated The Curves Of Wendy's Ass Are!

Milf Mix

Added 2008-07-28 Bad Rating 49.3%

Mixture Of Milf Rear Ends, And Spreads. I'm Disappointed In The Low Number Of Hairy Bushes. I Miss The 80s!


Added 2008-07-27 Good Rating 53.2%

Great Body On This Mother Of One. She Is A Squirter, But We Didn't Get Any Pictures Of Her Gushing This Time. :(


Added 2008-07-27 Good Rating 53.1%

Patti Doesn't Shy Away From The Spotlight. She Loves To Have A Camera Right Between Her Legs. I Love It.


Added 2008-07-27 Good Rating 51.7%

This Is An Adventurous Little Housewife. She Goes By Skye, And If You Swing In The Midwest, You've Probably Run Into Her.


Added 2008-07-27 Bad Rating 49.3%

This Wet Weasel Lets Her Big Fake Tits Out To Breathe At The Pool. Hot Blonde In Her 40s And She Does Some Hardcore.

E Party

Added 2008-07-26 Good Rating 55.6%

This Is The Result Of A Lot Of Pure Mdma At A Small Senual Gathering In California. Man, I Need To Move.


Added 2008-07-26 Good Rating 53.4%

Guy's First Wife. She Might Have Been The Biggest Bitch In France, And It Took Him 3 Years To Figure It Out, But He Has Remarried Now.

LA Waitress

Added 2008-07-26 Good Rating 52.7%

She Lives In LA And Works At A Restaurant. Mike Found Her, He Gives Her Something Fun To Do At Night After Being On Her Feet All Day.


Added 2008-07-26 Good Rating 52.8%

Monica's Pussy Had It's Side Burns Shaved Off! I Would Prefer A Bare Pussy, Or An Abundance Of Hair. Don't Chop It Off In The Middle!

School MOM

Added 2008-07-26 Good Rating 50.9%

Some People Would Say That A Mother Of 2 Has No Business Wearing A Kilt And Having Pig Talis. I Would Say That Those People Are Wrong.

BP Stripper

Added 2008-07-26 Good Rating 51.1%

It's Important To Get What You Pay For When You Get A Bachelor Party Stripper. This Girl Showed Up At Clarence's Work.

Tor Call Girl

Added 2008-07-26 Good Rating 50%

If You Think She Looks Hot, You Can Fuck Her If You Fly To Toronto. She's A Call Girl There, And She's Not Too Pricey.

Fishnet Babe

Added 2008-07-25 Good Rating 52.5%

Whoa, This Woman Is Hot! I Have Also Found One Of Those Fishnet Wraps That Actually Looks Good On A Woman.

Lumber Jane

Added 2008-07-25 Good Rating 52.4%

I Thought Being A Lumberjack Was Supposed To Be A Lonely Job With No Women. In Europe Apparently The Log Yards Are Full Of Hotties.

Latina For Rent!

Added 2008-07-25 Bad Rating 49.9%

Censored Pics, But You Get The Idea. Some Latin Guy's Slutty Wife Wants To Rent Her Out To Whomever Will Pay.

Cum Slut

Added 2008-07-24 Good Rating 52.4%

This One Likes It Grizzly! Her Hubby Says That When He First Met Her She Was Squimish When It Came To Cum. Now She Wants It On Her Face.


Added 2008-07-24 Good Rating 50.3%

No Face On This One, But She Has A Good Body, With An Abundance Of Pubic Hair On Her Nice Milf Cunt! Hairy Lovers Enjoy.


Added 2008-07-24 Good Rating 50.8%

Hot Linda Used To Live In California With Her Ex Husband Craig. He Has Moved Since The Divorce, But He Misses The Warm Weather And Pussy!


Added 2008-07-24 Bad Rating 48.1%

Holly Got Her Fake Tits Eight Years Ago. Since Then There Has Been No Shortage Of Stripshows And Fantasy Photoshoots.


Added 2008-07-23 Good Rating 52.2%

Andrew, Your Wife Is A Goddess. He Is Having Some Trouble Turning Her Into A Stay At Home Mom. I Would Lock Her Up If I Were You.


Added 2008-07-23 Good Rating 51.8%

Look At The Lips On This Pussy! I Would Swish Those Around In My Mouth Until She Squirted In My Mouth. Mmmmmmmm


Added 2008-07-23 Good Rating 51%

Bill And His Wife Rented A Chalet, But I Doubt That Vikki Went Skiing. She Is Probably Too Top Heavy From Those 32 DD Tits.


Added 2008-07-22 Good Rating 53.5%

Redhead Milf In A Gangbang Gets The Shocker From Her Boyfriend. He Is One Of The Guys In This Gangbang.

Philippino Queen

Added 2008-07-22 Good Rating 52.7%

Arjuin Got This One From The Philippines Nine Years Ago, And She Has Been Good To Him Ever Since. She Never Disappoints.


Added 2008-07-22 Good Rating 50.5%

Recently There Have Been Street Tuffs Trolling The London Underground And Sexually Assaulting People. Here Is Some Footage.


Added 2008-07-21 Good Rating 51.1%

Aside From The Fact That She Was Into Sports Cam Knew That He Had Picked The Wrong Woman Early On. Oh Well, They Will Always Have Baseball


Added 2008-07-21 Good Rating 51.7%

This Wife Chews On Her Husbands Big Cock Like A Dog Would A Bone. She's Always Kneeling In Front Of Him Obediently.


Added 2008-07-21 Good Rating 50.7%

Hardcore Mature Pics Of Alissa Stuffing A Cucumber Up Her Strawberry Blonde Pussy And Posing For Some Full Bottom Pics!


Added 2008-07-21 Bad Rating 48.8%

Too Bad She Only Knows The One Pose. She Has An Extensive Collection Of Thongs That Don't Cover Her Entire Hairy Hippie Bush.


Added 2008-07-20 Good Rating 54.5%

Huge Everything On This Senora. She Is Packing Heat! If You Like T&A, She's Got What You Need. Gracias!

Hot Momma

Added 2008-07-20 Good Rating 53.7%

Skipper Shows Off His Wife Sandra At The Beach On A Vacation. Great Body For A Mother Of Two, You Are A Lucky Man Skip.


Added 2008-07-20 Good Rating 53%

I Couldn't Understand A Word Of This Submission, But Who Cares! This Guys Wife Is So Hot. I Have Her On My Desktop Now.


Added 2008-07-20 Good Rating 52.2%

This Couger Fancies Herself A Woman About Town, A Bachelorette Praying On Young Cock. She's Really Just Getting Used LOL!


Added 2008-07-19 Good Rating 55.1%

Brenda Is A Hairy Princess. Tastefully Hairy Though, Like A Centerfolds Pussy In A Vintage Porn Magazine. I Think I Like It!

Dino's Hairy Ass

Added 2008-07-19 Good Rating 52%

Dino Gets His Hairy Ass Licked At The End Of This Series Of Pics. You Know She Must Really Love Him To Be Doing That!

Hot Mistress

Added 2008-07-19 Good Rating 50.6%

This Is A Nice Brazilian Girl That Phousie Met Down South, And Strung Along For A Part In A Movie He Was Working On. Nice Mistress Phousie!

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